Buzz and hum removal for guitar and bass

You know the problem... whether you’re playing or recording guitar in your bedroom, on stage, in a home or small project studio, or even in a world-class facility, your performances can be marred by buzzes and hum. You can try to reduce these problems using general purpose denoisers and EQ, but why not use a dedicated, zero-latency processor designed specifically to reduce or even eliminate them?

The solution... is C-Axe

C-Suite C-Axe guitar and bass processor

Designed as an in-line processor that can sit between your guitar or bass and whatever follows, or as a post-processor that can clean up existing recordings, it will give your mix the best possible chance to shine.

Written by C-Suite for Universal Audio, C-Axe uses unique new algorithms that in many cases can remove the noise without damaging the wanted signal. Yes, we know that everyone claims to be able to do this, but why not try it for yourself to see whether it’s true? Whether cleaning up guitar or bass, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve, retaining all of the tone and dynamics of the instrument while removing the offending buzzes and hums.

You might think that this much power is going to require a complex set of controls and require the careful adjustment of numerous settings to get things ‘just right’, but you would be wrong. Using C-Axe could barely be simpler – there are just two switches and one knob – and, in most cases, the default settings will perform exactly as you would hope. Again, don’t believe us. Try it for yourself. We think that you’ll be impressed.

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