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F. Chatelain

A must have

Works very well for deleting tube amp 50/60Hz noises without losing the key frequencies. Awesome !

k. overturf

A Real Problem Solver!

I recently had to relocate my home studio to a new neighborhood. Unfortunately, my only option for setting back up was a garage apartment that was located directly under some power lines feeding the entire neighborhood. And to make matters worse, there is a cellphone tower located about 100 yards from this spot. I had battled sound and emf noise to my exhaustion. I had all but given up hope and even had to stop recording because the noise that my guitar would pick up was so intrusive that it was not even usable. Noise gates were useless. external filters and power conditioning did some but not enough. the main source of intrusion was from the guitar pickups. I recently decided to try the C-Axe with no real hope of it actually working. I was blown away! It has been so successful at removing the emf from the guitar signal that I have been able to resume recording again! ... If this can solve a major problem like mine then I would feel safe suggesting to anyone who is considering this plug-in that it is well worth it! Yes, it's expensive, but the technology within validates the price. I had already spent much more on things that just didn't work. This was truly money well spent!

E. Rudnicki

My favourite noise suppressor

This little guy gets rid of that unwanted hum from vintage single coils. I didn't realise how much I needed this plugin until I turned it on. And it's so easy to use. Don't think I'd ever record guitar without it. Get it!

R. Gilligan

Finally! Noise suppression that works!

As someone that's always been plagued by noisy single-coil pickups, this plugin is a lifesaver. I can finally roll up into the gain I desire and not worry about inter-note hums and noise, and just the sounds in my head! I already rely on C-Suite to manage the fan noise in my vocal booth, and now C-Axe will take up a permanent home in my guitar Insert chain. Well done!!!

S. Myers

Clear and transparent

Was hoping for something like this after C-Vox came out. It does not disappoint. Solid purchase.

M. Brandäo

Clear and transparent

The best, the result is better than other noise reduction.

P. Saunders


This plug in shines in getting rid of single-coil hum from Stratocasters and telecasters. It adapts to the noise - even if it is the lower level noise from a humbucker equipped guitar - and cancels it out. I have it on the UAD console app, and it's like magic. Yet unlike a gate, it doesn't mess with the attack of the note. Highly recommended, especially if you play single coils.

M. Gentry

It works!

I’ve got a 1967 Rickenbacker 330 and have set up a few presets on the Buxom Betty that I love... except for the hum. I really don't like how the noise gate works on the amp plugin at all. So I demoed this thing. Instant buy. 60Hz guitar preset in the record fx slot and done. No fiddling around and tweaking required. Just simple as that, done. Fantastic plugin.

A. Guth-Rosenstock

C-AXE is great!

Get it! It tames our 56 year old, hard-used, stage worn electric guitars that need cleaning and servicing, and cleans up the noise! Makes them a pleasure to record! A UAD exclusive gem like C-Vox.

A. Emixpro

Clear and transparent

Does an absolutely fantastic job. Results are top notch!

(On the NeuralDSP forum)
The best guitar noise suppressor I’ve ever heard

It is, hands-down, the best guitar noise suppressor I’ve ever heard. The neck pickup on my Strat is completely useless to me because of all the electrical interference in my house, but plugging C‑Axe into the signal chain, even downstream from the QC, took that awful noise down to almost zero with very little (if any) tone degradation.

M. Wells

Highly recommended!

Nothing else seems to have the transparency or definitely ease of use, and the results are better with C-Axe. Highly recommended!


D. Marais

Unbelievably simple and effective

Simply outstanding - it almost feels like cheating when you can create a gorgeously quiet, yet FULLY transparent vocal take tracking in an untreated bloody Tuff Shed. This plugin is like magic and is worth twice the amount. I would easily have paid a grand for this. Barely need room treatment for exquisitely quiet vocals when you use this.

C. Valentine

So Clear and Clean!

C-Vox blew my mind when I first tried it. I didn't want to buy another vocal restoration type plugin. I thought I had everything I needed. Once I tried C-Vox I knew it was the best of them all. Every other plugin leaves artifacts and degrades the vocal quality. Not nearly with C-Vox. The amount of restoration that happens while still sounding crisp and clear is phenomenal. This is a go to for me, especially while mixing audio for film. If the room sounds bad, I'll pop this on, get rid of the tone, and toss my own room tone under the clean vocals. This is a must own.

K. Daniel

Don't record vocals without it!!

Absolutely outstanding ambient noise reduction and is a must-have for use in an untreated room recording vocals or anything else on a high quality microphone. Exceptionally simple to use.

S. Broderick

Best of its kind by a mile

Having tried every single noise/reverb reduction plugin out there I feel qualified to say this thing is so far out on its own it's not funny. No artefacts like all the others introduce making recordings unusable. It honestly will give you workable recordings in the worst rooms.

J. Vitale


I just demoed this on a scratch vocal we recorded in my apartment, and I am literally speechless. I've never written a plugin review before, but when I added this to the vocal my jaw dropped.

A. Richter

The best tool for untreated places

I'm so impressed with that tool. I can finally record anywhere I want and don't need to be afraid of the outside noise!! Amazing!!!

J. Bautista

Simple. Powerful. Wonderful.

This plugin, through its intentionally built minimal interface, it's designed to do an indispensable task in tracking and mixing when the source was recorded in a noisy environment: take over the de-noise job in the most transparent way, and prepare the audio signal for the next process in the routing chain, with minimum artifacts. This is it: simple, powerful and wonderful. If you learn how to calibrate the amount of noise and ambient reduction with this plugin in relationship with other processing effects and support tracks in the mix... This is a real killer, dude. If we add this to the fact that everything is happening in realtime... Amazing.

A. Bäckström


Beautiful plugin. The future of room de-noise.

A. Kouthoofd

Living room love

I can sing in my living room without the sound of my girlfriend's hard typing on her laptop keyboard in the kitchen and kids playing in their room. It makes me feel like I'm in vocal booth for much less money. Worth every cent. I will recommend it to all my fellow UAD friends and prospects. Thanks for making singing at home fun again!

M. Ivey

Superior HQ Plugin! A Must for Vocals

I purchased this plugin a few months ago and I always wait and closely evaluate before jumping at putting up a review. I'm actually astounded that there are those who feel they can get the same result from other plugins. I own a number of other plugins that handle noise and, while it may be true to a degree that there are other plugins that compensate for noise, this is the ONLY plugin of its kind that allows you to significantly reduce room and other surrounding noise "while you are recording in real time". NO OTHER plugin I know of can do this and do it so transparently well. I have a well treated room but there are always trucks and cars passing by during mid day. Since I've started using this plugin, I have been able to record pristine clear vocals that sound very natural with those cars and trucks rolling past my house and those ambient noises never make it to the track. Love this plugin! Very very pleased with the purchase and have since redone many vocals using the plugin and the results are as night and day.

N. Chasse

What is this?

This is some kind of magic.

M. Pearce

Every bedroom studio needs this!!

Does a remarkable job of eliminating noise from sub-optimal recording spaces. Room noise, rumble and reflections disappear and you're left with a vocal that sounds like it was recorded in a professional booth.

E. Calzado

Mind Blowing Plugin

I'm a new UAD costumer and when I started trying plugins to see what I'll choose to buy this one blew my mind. I had to get it really quickly after just five minutes of testing! No others plugin can do what this one does! It sounds like magic on voices, especially for me because I normally receive voice recordings from many non-ideal environments. This is the real deal !!!

A. Delgado

A must for vocals

If you live in a condo or not quiet area this plugin is a must for vocals! It sounds like you're in a booth. Pure magic.

X. Liu

Great for removing room ambience

I record video in a rather large space and the reflections were always a problem. I've used several different plugins to fix but they all left artifacts. Not this one. This sounds so smooth and natural I sometimes wonder whether I have it turned on. Of course A/B-ing with the original audio is like night and day. Highly recommended!

T. Tesluk


It kills background noise dead.

I. Macaulay

You need this

If you record in an apartment or any other place that lacks isolation and gets a lot of ambient/street noise, this plugin will save you. It can eliminate an incredible amount of ambient noise without downgrading the vocal/performance.

v. white

Worth every penny!

If you're the typical home studio with untreated room recorder or the Independant artist who doesn't have the perfect sound treatment then this is for you...

A. Eisele

Noise Reduction in NYC Home Studio

Used the C-Vox for real-time noise reduction on a ribbon mic in my NYC home studio. C-Vox helped suppress entirely all street noise and bad room ambience for a clean recording without artifacts. Highly recommended.

R. Andersen

WOW! Mind blown and my jaw needs reassembling! I dare you to demo it and not need to buy it!

This is insane! Demo it! I dare you!
Lockdown made tracking vocal sessions at home vital. I have a noisy trash can Mac Pro and never used my condensor mics due to the noise from the fan. This changes EVERYTHING and it makes me so happy. It's killer with my SM7 as it has tons of rejection already, but now I have my full arsenal of mics to use for vocals. Pure magic and I am so grateful! Thank you UAD!

C. McCormack

Fantastic addition!

This basically solved all my problems in a few seconds. I've been hoping for something like this for a while. Thanks UAD!

M. Teachey


I knew within just a few minutes of working with C-Suite that I had to have it! I do a lot of voice over work and it's perfect for removing background noise. Everything just sounds so much more focused and clean. Perfect!

P. Tamayo


OK. This is great. Definitely worth it for any untreated studio... just tried it in my basement and really pleased with how well it works on vocals. Thanks UAD!

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