Noise and room tone reduction for vocals

Whether you're working in your bedroom, your home studio, or a small project studio you can have great tools at your disposal - a top class mic preamp as well as excellent compression and EQs - but, despite the quality of the performances, your vocals can be marred by noise and room tone. Maybe you've tried to sort these things out using denoisers and EQ, but you haven't been able to obtain the results that you're looking for. What you need is a dedicated vocal pre-processor designed specifically to reduce or even eliminate these problems.

The solution... is C-Vox

C-Suite C-Vox vocal pre-processor

Designed to sit between your mic preamp and whatever follows, this has two modes to clean up your vocals and give your mix the best possible chance to shine.

Noise mode has been designed to reduce general background noise and other problems encountered in small studios, allowing you to dial-in the amount of attenuation you want and to choose how the process handles genuine ambience in the signal.

Room mode is optimised to eliminate room tone (the nasty resonances that make your finest performances sound 'honky') making it possible to achieve professional sounding results in small spaces.

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